Adopt-A-Stream Classroom Program

Adopt-A-Stream Classroom Program

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s Adopt-A-Stream program offers an Aquatic Ecology program for students to increase awareness of the importance of keeping Mississippi streams clean.  This is done through;


AAS Classroom Watershed

Learn how watersheds work

Powerpoints, which include:

  • The importance of clean water
  • Stream ecology background
  • Nonpoint source pollution
  • What is a watershed
  • How do watersheds affect streams
  • Things that can be done to protect streams.
  • Learn to delineate the watershed boundary for a small water body.

Demonstration of Watershed model

Demonstration/ hands on use of World Water Monitoring Challenge chemical kits.

These kits test various parameters in a stream to help determine its health.  Students can learn how to chemically test water to determine water quality.

Macroinvertebrates identification and importance

  • Identify common aquatic organisms through the use of a key.
  • How does pollution affect macroinvertebrates

Field Survey

  • Chemical survey and macroinvertebrates survey of your creek or stream

The program can be tailored to your classroom needs.  All materials will be provided.  If your group is interested and a stream or other body of water is available within a reasonable distance of the classroom the program can also be expanded to include field study.

If you are interested in an Adopt-A-Stream program you may contact Debra Veeder, Adopt-A-Stream Coordinator at (601)605-1790 or for more information.