Storm Drain Marking

Be Part of the Solution to Runoff Pollution

Storm Drain Marking Project/ Drainage Ditch Door Hanger Project

We are looking for volunteers to help educate our communities about storm water runoff.  This is a community service project that all ages can find rewarding and fun.  Your scout troop, neighborhood group, school, civic/social organization or business can become an environmental partner.

The storm drain marketing project has two components:

  • Gluing a market that bears the message “NO DUMPING!  DRAINS TO THE RIVER”
  • Distributing door hangers which inform citizens of their impact on water quality


The drainage ditch door hanger is for neighborhoods that do not have storm drains.

  • Volunteers distribute a door hanger which informs citizens of their impact on water quality when they dump waste into their local ditch.

If you or your group are interested in either project, please contact Debra Veeder, Adopt-A-Stream Coordinator, (601) 605-1790 or