Mississippi Wildlife

The official publication of the Mississippi Wildlife Federation, Mississippi Wildlife (ISSN 1044-0062), is published annually as a service to affiliate members and Federation members who contribute at least $25 annually to the Federation. In addition, MWF Connections Newsletter is distributed via email to all members.

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation welcomes stories, art and photographic contributions (digital or film). We will consider, but assume no responsibility for unsolicited proposals, manuscripts, art, photographs and transparencies.

For those interested in advertising, click here for the Mississippi Wildlife magazine rate card and contact Melanie Starnes ( at the Federation office to place your order. Our cirulation rate is 2,500 members and the magazine is used at events throughout the year including the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza, where over 30,000 people see it .  Mississippi Wildlife is published annually.

Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza Program

148677 mwfVolBroch-1Want to reach thousands quickly? Advertise in the annual Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza Program. During the Extravaganza in August over several thousand people pick up this program.

For those interested in advertising, click here to download the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza Program rate card and contact Lindsey Lemmons via email or 601-605-1790 to place your order


MWF Connections

MWF Connections is a notice/newsletter the Mississippi Wildlife Federations distributes via email to all members and to those who are interested in the programs and activities of the Mississippi Wildlife Federation.  Sign up to receive up-to-date notices about Mississippi wildlife news, events & issues.

Note: Our lists are not resold. All names and email addresses are kept strictly confidential.

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