Kid’s Corner

Hey Kids! 

Try these fun activities and games about exploring your outside world!  

Coloring Pages & Puzzles

Jacob & Butterfly by Steve Gulledge

Photo by Steve Gulledge

Turtle coloring page

MWF Coloring & Activity Booklet

Bear Print Coloring Sheet

Common Birds Crossword Puzzle

Endangered Species Crossword Puzzle

Wildflowers Crossword Puzzle 

Giant Insects Word Puzzle

Venomous Snakes Sheet

Sparrows in Winter


Follow the Tracks and See Who Lives in Your Backyard

Paint Leaf Prints

Animal Signs

Turn your Yard into a Woodpecker Cafe!

Weather Watching

Animals in Winter

Visit Ranger Rick’s Camp Zone

Wildlife Watch Activity & Wildlife Watch Checklist pdf

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Math Activities for Kids[1]=19647&gclid=CKGPkLqe0bwCFYRQ7Aod90AAwQ

Crunch the Numbers: Do More Math, Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids

Wildlife and Nature Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators

Forest Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids

Kids Know It Network

An Intro to Logistics for Kids

Astronomy for Kids

K-8 Space Education Resources

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Other fun Kids Activities:


Endangered Species Answer Sheet

Common Birds Answer Sheet