MWF Resolutions – Hunting over Bait

MWF Resolutions

Hunting Over Bait

Adopted 1993 HS 7

WHEREAS, for the purpose of this resolution “bait” is defined as shelled, shucked, or unshucked corn or wheat or other grain, or artificial attractant as defined and whose use for hunting purposes is restricted by state statute, or any other feed that has been deposited, scattered, or piled so as to constitute an attraction or enticement to wildlife; and

WHEREAS, baiting and hunting over bait is a highly controversial practice; and

WHEREAS, hunting over bait is not an acceptable practice for a majority of Mississippi hunters and a practice that could cause non-hunters to take a negative view of hunting in general; and

WHEREAS, hunting and hunter ethics are under attack by those who neither understand nor support sport hunting; and

WHEREAS, a recent hunter survey conducted by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks indicated 64.9 percent of Mississippi hunters believe it is unethical to hunt deer with the use of bait; and

WHEREAS, baiting and hunting over bait will not enhance the wildlife resource, and no biological reasons currently exist to justify the practice of baiting for any game animal species; and

WHEREAS, Mississippi’s harvest of both deer and turkeys is among the highest in the United States annually; and

WHEREAS, baiting has been documented to lead to specific wildlife management problems including disease and parasite transmission, increased predation, and increased human-wildlife conflict; and

WHEREAS, Mississippi state statute and public notice defines bait and makes it unlawful to “hunt, trap, or kill any fox, wild bird, or wild animal with the aid of bait”;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED this 6 th day of February 1993 that the Mississippi Wildlife Federation (MWF) reaffirms its resolution in support of legal and ethical hunting, fishing and trapping; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MWF goes on record as being in opposition to the legalization of the hunting of resident (non-migratory) game species over bait.