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How can sportsmen and women get involved?

Pitch in a Pound – Hunters can choose to donate a pound or two of ground venison at the time of pick-up. Participating processors will take donations and store them until distributed by the Mississippi Food Network. For a list of participating processors, click here.

Hunter Pays – A field dressed or quartered deer may be donated by a hunter with the hunter agreeing to pay the venison processing fee.

Hunter’s Harvest Pays – A deer may be donated and the processing fee can be paid through the Hunter’s Harvest program. Funding for this method of donation is raised through grants, businesses, and personal contributions.

Financial Donation Those who wish to make a financial donation may donate here, or call 601-605-1790, or send your donation to: MWF Mississippi Hunter’s Harvest, 517 Cobblestone Court, Suite 2, Madison, MS 39110.

How can you get involved in Mississippi Hunter’s Harvest?

Contact MWF at 601-605-1790 about the requirements to become a Processing Partner.

Contact MWF at 601-605-1790 and he will talk with you about ways to support the Mississippi Hunter’s Harvest Program.

Hunter's Harvest