Tunica County Hunting Clubs Donate to Hunter’s Harvest Food Program

Five neighboring Tunica County hunting clubs held a deer harvest contest during this year’s early primitive weapon season. Flower Lake Hunting Club, Stubbs Island Hunting Club, Duck Lake Hunting Club, Nails Bayou Hunting Club, River Bend Hunting Club and OK Hunting Club came together for the weekend event to manage their deer populations and give back to those in need at the same time. “It was agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of kids and families in need at Thanksgiving by donating all the venison collected to the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s Hunter’s Harvest program,” said John Norfleet, a member of Flower Lake Hunting Club.

The entry fee was set at $100 per 2 man team per afternoon.  The 2 man team concept was introduced to help promote a father/son adventure or an outing for member/guest or member/member.  The team which brought in the most harvested weight during a single afternoon would win first prize.  The contest was held during the only weekend of the 12 day primitive weapon season and included hunts Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  A team could hunt one, two or three afternoons, but each afternoon entry was independent of the others and an entry fee was paid for each afternoon hunted.

An arrangement was made with Oaks Deer Processing in Coldwater who agreed to process each deer at a cost of $50.  “To our surprise, Mississippi Wildlife Federation not only agreed to share in the processing costs, they provided prizes and banners for the event and donated an unlimited supply of 2 lb. storage bags for the ground venison,” said Norfleet. “MWF even identified Farrow Manor Children’s Home and Catholic Social Services as the recipients of the packaged venison and arranged delivery.”

The weekend resulted in 65 deer harvested, providing almost 2,000 pounds of ground venison donated to the local charities to be used in their food programs.



Grant Awarded to Support Hunter’s Harvest Program

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation was the recent recipient of a $35,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation State Giving Program. The grant will be used to support the Federation’s Hunter’s Harvest program, which provides donated deer venison to food charities throughout Mississippi. The grant will provide funding for the processing of over 15,000 pounds of ground venison, which will then be distributed to food charities through the Mississippi Food Network.

“The Walmart Foundation is committed to supporting programs like those administered by the Mississippi Wildlife Federation that have a positive impact on the communities where we all live and work,” says Amanda Henneberg, Walmart spokesperson. “A particular focus of our giving program is addressing the growing problem of hunger in the communities we serve, and we are proud to do our part in becoming part of the solution.”

The Mississippi Hunter’s Harvest program works with participating deer processors throughout the state to accept venison donated by deer hunters during the hunting season. Donated venison is then ground into burger and packaged for distribution to local food charities identified by the Mississippi Food Network. Cleaning and processing costs are paid by the program and hunters can choose to donate all or a portion of their harvest through the participating processor


To find a participating Hunter’s Harvest deer processor in your area or to learn more about the program, contact the Mississippi Wildlife Federation at (601) 605-1790 or visit their website at