It’s Easy Being a Stream Steward

Want a simple and easy way to be a Stream Steward?

Soon the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s Adopt-A-Stream (AAS) program and partners will begin installing signs along Mississippi streams that include QR codes for access to stream health surveys. The surveys will be available online and used to collect critical monitoring data about our Mississippi waterways. This data is used to focus resources on the areas of our streams that need the most help. The public can access the stream surveys online by using their phones to scan the QR codes found on the signs. The survey questions are simple, such as, “Do you see litter along the stream?” and can be completed in a couple of minutes. This is an easy and fun way to serve as a Stream Steward without fully adopting a stream. MWF is beginning the project this summer by first installing signs around the Ross Barnett Reservoir and along one of our coastal streams.

When you see one of these signs, please take the time to answer the questions. If you have any recommendations for sign locations, please contact us at MWF. We are also recruiting schools and scout group to assist with sign installation.

The AAS program increases awareness of the importance of keeping Mississippi streams clean. The program is through a partnership between the Mississippi Wildlife Federation and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). Stream Stewards are individuals or groups that adopt a stream, providing water quality testing, clean-ups, and other activities that help protect and restore Mississippi’s waters.