MS Trustee Implementation Group Issues Call for Restoration Projects

Many who live in Gulf states think of the “BP Money” as one big pot of money that was paid out for damages from the Oil Spill. However, there are actually multiple pots of money that resulted from the spill settlement and each of them have slightly different objectives, requirements for administration and a different process and timing for selecting projects. The part of the settlement that resulted from damages to natural resources is overseen by multiple trustee groups for each state, regionally and for the open ocean. The Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group (MS TIG) is responsible for developing a restoration plan for Mississippi and selecting projects in Mississippi to restore Mississippi’s natural resources and to meet the criteria of the Oil Pollution Act.

The MS TIG is beginning the process of selecting its second round of projects which will cover restoration planning for the 2018-19 planning years. They are soliciting public input regarding natural resource restoration project ideas in Mississippi. Projects for this round of planning will focus on the following restoration types:

  • Wetlands, Coastal, and Nearshore Habitats Projects that will focus on creating, restoring and enhancing wetlands or protecting and conserving marine, coastal, estuarine, and riparian habitats.
  • Nutrient Reduction (Nonpoint Source)
  • Oysters
  • Sea Turtles
  • Marine Mammals Submit Your Project Ideas

Projects must be submitted by August 10th through one of two project portals:

  1. Trustee Council Project Submission Portal. 
  2. Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Restoration Project Idea Portal.

New projects submitted by the August 10th deadline as well as projects already in the portal will be considered for this second round of project selection. The Mississippi Wildlife Federation and National Wildlife Federation are working together to advocate for projects in the portal that are science based and that will have long lasting benefits such as strategic land acquisitions that will provide ecosystem benefits for generations to come. Stop by our coastal booth at the Extravaganza in Jackson August 3-5 and learn about some of these projects and how you can engage in the restoration process as a sportsmen.