BEaR Group of Mississippi

BEaR Group of Mississippi

Bear Education and Restoration – BEaR Group of Mississippi’s mission is to restore ecologically viable and socially acceptable black bear populations to Mississippi in a science-based manner.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved in the BEaR Group of Mississippi contact the Mississippi Widllife Federation at 601-605-1790.

Support the BEaR Group of MS – Purchase Bear Print or Bear Calendar Today!

Mississippi artist extraordinaire, Dr. Jeanne Jones, created her black bear masterpiece just in time for Christmas.  Her serene landscape featuring a sow and two cubs will be the perfect gift for wildlife supporters everywhere.

Dr. Jones, associate professor of wildlife and fishBear Print by Dr. Jeanne Joneseries at Mississippi State University, was inspired to paint this portrait by the news in 2004 of baby bears born in Mississippi – the first documented birth in over 40 years.  Jones was careful to capture the realistic look of this elusive, federally protected species in one of its native habitats consisting of beautiful bottomland hardwoods along a river’s edge with indigenous flora including switchcane, pawpaw, cypress trees, palmettos, grapevine, and even the endangered plant pondberry.

Jones’ limited edition prints are all signed and numbered with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Bear Education and Restoration “BEaR” Group of Mississippi.  BEaR is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving healthy populations of black bears throughout the Magnolia State.  Dr. Jones’ generosity and her commitment to conservation will help the BEaR Group bring black bears back to their historical range.

One hundred years ago, when President Theodore Roosevelt was on his famous 1902 Mississippi delta bear hunt that resulted in the creation of the Teddy bear, thousands of black bears roamed the state.  But, since then, populations declined, mostly because of habitat destruction and overhunting.  However today, habitat is being restored, laws are improving, attitudes are changing, and this animal’s adaptable nature are all contributing to a black bear comeback.

You can help too – by purchasing a print.  You will end up with a prized copy of Dr. Jones’ striking work and, at the same time, financially contribute to bear restoration.  As an added bonus, if you are not already a BEaR member, you will receive a free, one-year membership in BEaR Group of Mississippi, with the purchase of a print.

A print costs only $50, plus $5 for shipping and handling.  Digital Imaging Group in Flowood, MS, printed these quality reproductions on archival paper, guaranteed to last about 75 years with proper care.  The print size is 14 x 23 inches.

You can buy a print by sending your check or money order to:

BEaR Group of MS, Attn: BEaR Print, P.O. Box 205, Rolling Fork, MS  39159

Most orders will be shipped within seven business days.

For more information, call 662-873-4343.

To purchase the print online visit